January 11, 2017

SMB New Year’s Resolutions – for a Smarter 2017

Have you ever noticed that New Year’s Resolutions jive perfectly with the start of another fiscal year for many companies?  This year, we’re offering our top New Year’s Resolutions for creating a smart office to help kick your year into high gear while keeping your budget in line:

RESOLVED: To get organized. Take a hard look at how you are organizing, storing and protecting the documents that make your business grow. Compliance is on the rise and new regulations often dictate how you store and dispose of information, and audits often mean producing documentation quickly. Chances are if everyone knows where the information is, collaboration will increase as well. So go on, get organized!

RESOLVED: To get greener. Get a handle on your printing practices. Companies who do usually see a reduction in cost (so you can go green, to get green!). Consider simple default settings like duplex (printing both sides) and black and white conversion.  Implement policies and training to print more efficiently: print fewer emails, print PPT drafts with 2-4 slides per page instead of one per page, use Track Changes tools in MS Word instead of a pencil, etc.

RESOLVED:  To improve your uptime. Face it, if your technology goes down, your productivity plummets and you’ve got unhappy customers. Your SLA can be a competitive advantage, so know what yours is and take the time to understand how best to optimize your network so you can set a goal to improve it this year.

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