Our environment comes


Trees we've replanted to date.

Welcome to the one place that plants as you print. That’s PrintReleaf.

For many organizations, their largest impact on the environment is made through paper consumption.

A single tree is made up of only approximately 8,333 sheets of paper. Now consider how many sheets you consume alone in a year.

That’s why we’ve partnered with PrintReleaf. Every sheet of paper that our customers print is tracked until a total of 8,333 sheets have been consumed. Then a new tree is planted!

Our PrintReleaf program enables you to participate in a Global Forest Watch, giving you access to see where reforestation is most needed. This allows you to decide where your trees are to be planted. You can even monitor their growth.

The program also lets you customize social media posts and press releases so that you can share your reforestation efforts with business partners and customers. That’s a win in PR for your organization and, most importantly, a win for the environment.

There’s only one Earth. Help us protect it.

Printing trees is not the only way we reduce your environment impact. As a customer of SumnerOne, you can be assured that we are delivering you products with the highest ratings of energy-efficiency available.

Another way we help our environment is through recycling programs offered by our manufacturers. Toner cartridges and old electronics or equipment can contain materials that are harmful to our environment. We try to keep those out of our landfills through our strong partnerships.

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